A maple sugar product for hikers, campers

Maple sugar granules, a new kind of maple sugar that has been dehydrated, can be used as is, or rehydrated to make instant maple syrup and maple butter. It can also be used as is, instead of sugar. You add one part boiling water to 3 parts of this new maple powder, made of 100 percent maple syrup, and you have made one pint of Vermont maple syrup.

The granules are delicious on cereals, toast or fruit, in hot or cold beverages, or by adding water they can be used as frosting. It can be used, as is, in baking and as sweetening. Its versatility, ease of storage and long-keeping qualities also make it ideal for camping and backpacking.

Maple Sugar Granules are the result when the water is removed from Pure Grade A Maple Syrup by freeze drying. No chemicals or additives are used in the processing.

Lyman Jenkins, president of Vermont Country Maple Inc., Jericho Center, VT learned of the technique while a chemist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service's George Aiken Maple Research Laboratory in South Burlington, VT.

Jenkins said that the product is often sold under a private company's own name and it is available nationally in health and natural food stores, in sport ands recreational stores and through mail order catalogues.

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