Touching other bases

* Dodger pitcher Fernando Valenzuela has ended his long contract holdout and reported for spring training. The National League's 1980 rookie of the year and his agent Tony DeMarco still don't see eye-to-eye with Los Angeles management over what the popular Mexican star's services are worth. But rather than sit out the season and perhaps lose fans, Fernando will take the mound for considerably less than he asked for. His figure was $850,000 a season, but he'll live with $350,000, still a nice raise from last year's $42,000. With only one year in the majors, he had no recourse to free agency or salary arbitration.

* The Boston Globe reports that Renaldo Nehemiah, the world's fastest 110 -meter hurdler, has already worked out with four National Football League clubs, and others are preparing to look at him. Many are familiar with how Bob Hayes, a former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, excelled in both sports. But Hayes played college ball at Florida A&M, while Nehemiah hung up the pads after high school. Speed alone isn't enough to make it in the very rough pro ranks, yet the fact many teams are thinking of giving him a try indicates that clubs are interested in him for box office purposes if no other reason. What fan, after all, wouldn't want to see Renaldo leap tacklers with a single bound?

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