Postal card

''This space reserved for message.''

Well, let's see:

there really isn't much that's new to say.

We are all well, and life moves on apace.

The weather has been warm and very dry.

(Evening rain dripped softly on the roof,

the trees were wet and lush and very stilland wild grape blossom filled the quiet air.Your kiss was gentle and your voice was low.)

The swimming has been fine.

(Along the shore

beneath the water as we swam like fish

smoothly where the underwater world

was lit by shafts of sunstream on the sand,where stones were larger and more truly coloredthan any stones that dried upon the beach,we held our glance until our breath was gone,and then rose up again for air, and laughed.)

The place here really looks just like the picturealthough they've made the blues a little bright.(The night we walked along the wooded roadthe shadowed velvet wrapped us close and softand stars above the branches as we wentsparkled clean and hard. O vivid night!)

No more room, so au revoir. With love, Jeanne (Bonnette)

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