Foreign journalists threatened in El Salvador

A previously-unknown right-wing death squad vowed to execute 35 journalists, including key American correspondents, for supposed ties to an international communist plan to subvert their country.

The previously unknown Anti-Communist Alliance of El Salvador issued a list of assassination targets, including correspondents for The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, Newsweek, the Associated Press and United Press International, ABC-TV, NBC-TV, the Voice of America, and the British Broadcasting Company.

The ''death lists'' were delivered to the hotel used by most of the estimated 200 foreign journalists here to coverthe March 28 elections. Police said they were investigating the threat.

In an unrelated incident, four Dutch TV and radio journalists were reported shot and killed early in a firefight between soldiers and guerrillas in El Paraiso, 36 miles north of San Salvador, the Dutch Consul said.

Slavadoran police reportedly informed the embassy of the killings.

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