Schultze: economic boost coming, but may be short

President Carter's chief economic advisor, Charles Schultze, agrees with President Reagan's forecast that there will be a lift in the economy sometime in the second half of the year, saying ''the economy is slowing down slower.''

At the same time, Monitor correspondent Godfrey Sperling Jr. reports Mr. Schultze disagrees with Mr. Reagan's approach to the economy and sees this prospective upturn from the current recession as ''short lived,'' unless the President shifts course.

Speaking to reporters over breakfast March 18, Mr. Schultze suggested the President take steps to reduce the budget deficit and work with the Democratic leadership to cut expenditures.

Meanwhile, President Reagan, addressing the National Association of Manufacturers, said administration policies had already brought early signs of a recovery from the current recession. He cited a decline in inflation as proof that he is on the right course.

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