How the Amish live

This year I've been studying about the Amish. The Amish can only only wear certain colors of clothes. The colors are light blue, purple and black.

The Amish children can do any sort of play. When I took a trip with my family to the Amish land, we saw people skipping and a boy on a scooter.

If they lose their home in a fire, the Amish grandfather and grandmother will build a house connected to the grandchildren's house.

The Amish eat very yummy pies and deserts. I made shoofly pie in class. The flies come over to the pie and you say ''shoo fly'' and that's why it's called shoofly pie.

The Amish can't have lights. They have a candle with a lampshade. When they go to the market they go in a cart the horse pulls. The Amish cannot own a car, but they may drive one someone else owns. They like to watch TV but they can't own one. For example, they could go to a neighbor's house and watch TV.

If Amish men are married, they have a beard. If they are over 30 and not married, they may have a beard.

Most Amish have farms.

When it gets really cold, the buggy has a curtain to pull down and they also have a buggy blanket. if teen-agers go out on a date they go in an open buggy. If Amish are married, they have a closed buggy.

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