Learn a craft in Britain

The Association of British Craftsmen is offering a unique vacation: one week of living in the home of one of their members. It's an opportunity to live in a thatched cottage, converted windmill, or farmhouse set in some of Britain's loveliest countryside. Available crafts range from ceramics to blacksmithing, antique furniture restoration to corn-doll making.

Tutors are asked to give a minimum of four hours of instruction a day. In addition you will probably meet many of your tutor's friends who share an interest in crafts. You may visit local exhibitions of crafts or places of special interest in the area.

To arrange a craft vacation, you must fill out an application stating your particular craft interest and your choice of a tutor selected from the brochure. To obtain a brochure, write to the Association of British Craftsmen, 57 Coombe Bridge Avenue, Stoke Bishop, Bristol BS9 2LT, U.K.

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