Labor secretary Donovan won't speak to AFL-CIO

In a break with tradition, Secretary of Labor Raymond G. Donovan was not invited to speak at the annual AFL-CIO Executive Council midwinter meeting this week, and the move appears to be an intentional snub.

The Reagan administration will be represented instead by Vice-President George Bush, who meets with the union's top brass on Tuesday, and probably by Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr.

''We just don't pay much attention to (Secretary Donovan),'' said AFL-CIO spokesman Murray Seeger. ''We don't feel he represents labor's point of view.''

The attitude toward the secretary of labor reflects the frustration labor feels for the Reagan administration. The 35-member council will likely release statements on unemployment and the 1983 federal budget, and may withhold a blanket endorsement of military spending because of the administration's curtailment of social programs.

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