Cleaning marble takes a knowledgeable touch

Q. Is there a product to remove water marks, etc., from composition marble lavatories? We have tried a number of so-called liquid cleaners but to no avail.

Julian and Dorothy Barit Phoenix, Ariz.

A. Cleaning marble can sometimes be complicated. Marble is a hard yet porous material. Most compounds that are strong enough to remove water deposits from polished marble might also be strong enough to remove the polish.

Kenneth Boyer of ProSoCo Inc., PO Box 4040, Kansas City, Kan. 66104, writes:

''In working with many commercial marble projects we find it necessary to try more than one product because of the varying problems and types of marble so far as hardness is concerned. ProSoCo Inc. does have a new marble cleaner, moderately viscous, which could very well correct the problem.

''Less viscous, but related to this product, is our Sure Klean Liquid Fireplace Cleaner. Some would say a liquid fireplace cleaner could not safely be used on marble, but this is not necessarily true. Both the above-mentioned formulations are alkali as opposed to acidic.

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