Fine Edward Meneeley show

Additional proof that art today is not all gimmickry and self-aggrandizement can be found in Edward Meneeley's small but excellent show at the Frank Marino Gallery here.

''Ionian Reflections and Dreams'' consists of a dozen or so medium-size and smallish acrylic ''abstract'' paintings executed in 1980-81. They are bright in color, sharp and clear in design, and powerfully provocative in effect.

Meneeley has been around the New York art scene for three decades - and in virtually every capacity, from artist to art teacher, from corporate consultant on art to art publisher.

It is now all beginning to pay off. His most recent work is both a summation and a distillation of much of what was good in the art of the past 30 years. It is also a deeply personal articulation of ideas and forms that have preoccupied him for years, and it represents a sensitive fusion of talent, sensibility, creative intelligence, and a shrewd and highly perceptive reading of recent art history.

It's an excellent show that promises Meneeley's next exhibition will be very much worth going out of one's way to see.

At the Frank Marino Gallery in SoHo through Feb. 27.

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