Easier ways to clean dust from stucco

Q. I am gardener/handyman for a group of senior citizens. A large number of their houses are covered with stucco. Due to our damp, windy climate, dust gathers on the walls so that each spring they need a good scrubbing. Is there a product that can be scrubbed on with a brush and then rinsed with a hose? Also, what mixture will clean salt spray off window glass? R. Johnston Victoria, British Columbia

A. Stucco being a calcareous compound related to concrete and thus limestone, it should be cleaned in the same manner as concrete.

Sure Klean Limestone Restorer, or equal, used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, should prove beneficial even to the removal of algae. This product is a strong, blended-acid cleaning compound, so handle it with care. Be sure to follow the labeled directions to a ''T.''

After cleaning the stucco next time, apply a clear stucco sealer which will provide ready washability with a garden hose. A local paint store can supply this product.

* Remove saltwater spray from windows with a non-alkaline window-washing compound containing some alcohol and detergents modified with a small amount of Sure Klean Limestone Restorer. The modification should be at the ratio of one teaspoon to each quart of the non-alkaline washing compound.

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