Busing ban advanced in Senate

The Senate, told that busing is ''a leech'' on the nation's school system, voted a stringent ban on busing to achieve desegregation which would extend even to court-ordered programs now in operation.

The Senate approved, 58 to 38, a ban that would prohibit federal courts from ordering the busing of students for purposes of desegregation for more than 30 minutes or 10 miles round trip. It would be retroactive to cover busing now in effect.

Opponents assailed the legislation as unconstitutional and vowed to continue fighting the proposed ban - with the use of filibusters and other delaying tactics - as it makes its way through Congress.

The ban was attached as a rider to a Justice Department authorization bill. A portion of the bill, sponsored by Sen. Jesse Helms (R) of North Carolina, forbids the Justice Department from using federal money to file or pursue a court suit to require busing to achieve desegregation.

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