New bath fixtures are the first choice

Q. We want to do something about the fixtures in our bathroom. One firm wants $650 just to furnish and install a new bathtub. However, for $450 we can cover the old tub and washbowl with a porcelain spray-on material. What would you do? Mrs. Irven Felch North Reading, Mass.

A. Many decisions in today's building business are made by the almighty dollar. The most expensive way is usually the best. Sometimes we make a judgment which forfeits pride in favor of price.

Undoubtedly, new plumbing fixtures would spruce up the bathroom more than a spray-on finish over the old ones.

If it were my house, I'd choose new fixtures even if I had to skimp somewhere else.

As there are many kinds of automobiles with various price tags, on sale or off, so there are numerous kinds of bathtubs in varying styles and cost. Shop around for a good buy. Sometimes a one-man plumbing shop offers a far better deal than a big firm.

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