Leftists, freeing hostages in Colombia, given jet

Seven leftist guerrillas holding a Colombian airliner at Cali freed all 80 hostages Thursday and boarded a private executive jet provided by military authorities for departure to an unknown destination.

Live radio newscasts from the Cali airport said one of the guerrillas was transferred from the jetliner to the small executive craft in a stretcher. It was not known whether he was wounded or ill.

The auxiliary Roman Catholic bishop of Cali, Msgr. Juan Francisco Sarasti, acted as guarantor for the transfer of the guerrillas from the jetliner to the escape plane without Army interference, ending a 24-hour hijacking drama.

The executive jet did not take off immediately after the transfer but remained on the runway, evidently awaiting takeoff clearance.

The military authorities who conducted the negotiations with the seven hijackers provided the executive jet as an escape plane for the guerrillas. They specified it could be used only if they freed all 80 hostages, including one American.

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