How about northern Super Bowls?

Pro football's roots go back to a discussion held in a Canton, Ohio, car dealership, so there was good reason to award last Sunday's Super Bowl to Detroit, an auto-manufacturing Midwestern city. Still, many people were wary of holding the game in the North, even indoors.

On the whole, there were no problems with the weather at Super Bowl XVI. The host committee had done its homework and discovered little or no snow had fallen in Detroit during 15 previous Super Sundays. And there was none this time, though bitterly cold temperatures and icy roadsides leading to the Pontiac Silverdome were not very pleasant.

Even with clear roads, there were major traffic problems before the game, and if there had been snow, the congestion no doubt would have been worse.

In retrospect, the northern Super Bowl idea has merit. Certainly the Detroit area was an enthusiastic host and people generally had fun. But one wonders if future Northern sites shouldn't be selected on the basis of how close together things are. This time the NFL headquarters were outside Detroit in Dearborn, which is nearly 30 miles from Pontiac. If a city with a downtown stadium were chosen, even a heavy snowfall might not prevent most people from walking to the game.

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