Haig-Gromyko cul-de-sac forecast

In their first meeting since martial law was clamped on Poland, US Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko are expected to reach an impasse.

Mr. Haig has said he will tell Mr. Gromyko in their meeting that the West is outraged by ''increasing repression'' by Poland's Army rulers and that he holds the Soviet Union responsible.

But Gromyko has ruled out a detailed discussion on the Polish crisis with Haig. Gromyko's refusal to enter into a detailed discussion suggested the meeting would be both frigid and stalemated.

US officials ruled out any prospect of agreement on a date for opening negotiations on reducing strategic intercontinental nuclear missiles.

Diplomats said it was still unclear whether Gromyko would refuse point-blank to talk about the East-West aspects of the Polish crisis.

The Geneva meeting was arranged four months ago, primarily to discuss arms control, but US officials said Haig now intends to keep the focus firmly fixed on Poland.

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