Coming: new foreign policy series

The Monitor is again publishing a series by its specialists in foreign policy issues to be used in the ''Great Decisions'' discussions sponsored by the New York-based Foreign Policy Association.

At a time when many experts say some foreign policy issues are so complex the man in the street cannot comprehend them, the association says, ''Not so.''

Through its yearly ''Great Decisions'' program, it sparks what amounts to a gigantic town meeting across the United States. Some 150,000 Americans participated last year, meeting in homes, school rooms, libraries, clubs, and offices for weekly debates on complex and vital foreign policy issues.

This year they will dig into such topics as the Polish crisis, worldwide inflation, and America's defense. The aim of the program is to make information, and the views of those who make and affect policy, available to the public.

Participants are urged to vote on each issue discussed. Ballots are tabulated by public-opinion experts at Columbia University and results presented to members of Congress and US government officials.

The Monitor articles will appear on Fridays, beginning Jan. 29 and running through March 19.

(The ''Great Decisions '82'' course book, $6, and discussion leader's guide, New York, N.Y. 10016. Payment must accompany orders for single copies and should include 70 cents for postage and handling.)

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