The star children

We are the star children, flying on wings of light. We have been born out of the songs of galaxies. We have been born from the oceans of forever. From clouds and wind and waterfalls and light, we've come For this, our holy quest, the journey into love. We touch the sky, and burn with dreams of distant suns. Immortal music dances in our blood. Look back . . . see our celestial image find its form. Through long dark ages we have slowly seen the truth Of who we are, the singers of angelic songs. Our distant fathers lived in caves yet knew the stars. To them the turning midnight sky spoke destiny. They heard The hidden harmonies, and let their prayers in stone Point out the way for us, the future travellers. From sacred grove, pyramid and shrine, to temples, And the great cathedral spires, we've had a yearning Outward toward eternity . . . A calling upward, On to wondrous worlds beyond our own. In music Color, form, we've made connections to the Infinite. It is this greater whole that draws us on, that will Not let us rest. It calls us to some great return. Each spire and tower, each soaring rocket ship draws in New worlds, where we shall walk miraculous and free. Go out into the night, and sing in harmony With moon and stars and sky and spinning galaxies. Sing wind and fire. Sing waters of the world. And sing All praise and joy and power to the great Mind of God!

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