A New Year's of the heart

New Year's comes at different times for different peoples, and maybe this tells us something. We members of the human race do not celebrate a New Year's on the calendar so much as a New Year's of the heart. It is not a date but a datum, a fact of rekindling experience. It comes anytime we are ready for it.

The moment may seem large or small -- the sweeping resolve to live a better life, the shy determination to smile at a fellow worker. But there really are no small moments when each daily touch of New Year's rings in the whole grand promise that it stands for. The echoes soar beyond the revelry and reverence of New Year's Eves across the terrestrial time zones.

The nub of the matter has been phrased in many ways in many languages. The words from Ezekiel put it succinctly: ''Make you a new heart and a new spirit.''

Whenever your New Year's is, it has to be a happy one.

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