Reagan signs $200 billion bill for US defenses

President Reagan Tuesday signed the biggest military spending bill in US history - a $200 billion program to rebuild America's defenses. It includes money for the MX missile, the B-1 bomber, and more ships, jet fighers, and tanks.

Also, the 3 million current recipients of the $122-a-month minimum social-security benefit - threatened earlier in the year with the loss of the vital money - were assured the checks will continue with Reagan's signature on a bill saving the benefit and allowing the three social-security funds to borrow from one another. The last item will help keep the main retirement fund healthy through the end of the year.

The foreign-aid package includes the first regular foreign aid money approved in Congress in three years - $7.6 billion - plus a two-year, $11.9 billion authorization bill ending aid prohibitions for Argentina, Chile, and Pakistan.

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