Poland violating human rights pact, officials say

The military crackdown in Poland includes clear violations of human rights provisions under the Helsinki agreement signed by the governments of Poland and the Soviet Union, according to US officials and a defecting Polish ambassador.

''The whole world knows that the Soviet Union has blatantly and with disdain disregarded its commitments to the Helsinki agreement,'' Ambassador Max Kampelman told the US Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Dec. 28. Mr. Kampelman is chairman of the US delegation to the international review conference which oversees the 1975 agreement on troop movement, free flow of information, trade and cultural exchanges, and human rights.

While concentrating on possible Soviet intervention, said former Polish ambassador to Japan Zdzislaw Rurarz, Western analysts failed to realize that the Polish government itself was ''in fact a Soviet fifth column.''

''People are being denied the most basic human rights in the best fascist and Stalinist tradition,'' said Mr. Rurarz, who defected in Japan last week and is under US government protection. ''War has been declared on the Polish people by Soviet agents wearing Polish uniforms. We are in fact fighting the USSR.''

One of the suggested US responses to martial law in Poland is to boycott the Helsinki Final Act meetings which resume in Madrid in February. However, such a move ''would not attract our allies,'' Ambassador Kampelman told the senators, representatives, and executive branch appointees who comprise the US commission on compliance with the Helsinki agreement.

While US officials continue to ponder additional responses to repressive actions by the Polish and Soviet governments, they are stepping up their public criticism.

''Declaration of martial law . . . has plunged Poland into the darkness of an arbitrary abridgement of human and civil rights worse than anything known in Poland since the early 1950s,'' charged John Scanlon, assistant secretary of state for European affairs.

''The martial law provisions are in flagrant violation of key human rights provisions of the Helsinki Final Act, including the suspension of basic civil rights, the ban on all gatherings and public meetings, the imposition of state censorship over all forms of communications, and limitations on freedom of movement by Polish citizens,'' says Rep. Dante B. Fascell (D) of Florida, chairman of the US Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

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