A good teacher has enthusiasm, concern, and a sense of humor

Common denominators for good teachers are: * Enthusiasm; * Firmness along with fairness;

* Good organization;

* Erudition not limited to the subject matter;

* A sense of humor;

* Concern for the student;

* Achievement of respect from the student without intimidation.

Those were arrived at during a six-hour seminar on ''Positive Approaches to Evaluation'' conducted by Robert C. Hawley of Amherst, Mass. He was discussing these commonalities with leaders from 21 member schools of the California Association of Independent Schools.

Dr. Hawley added three more which he believes to be important:

''Teachers must convey good sense to the student, a sense that they know what they are doing.

''Secondly, good teachers expect the students to be on their toes, to be alert.

''Thirdly, the teacher must know what is going on in the classroom and be on top of it.''

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