Magazine: Iran got key secrets

American intelligence operations around the world remain seriously compromised because of documents taken by Iranian militants in the fall of the US Embassy in Tehran, Newsweek magazine says.

The Soviets are believed to have obtained copies of all of the documents, the magazine said, and some papers shredded during the embassy assault were pieced together and are now available in Iranian bookstores.

Newsweek says the loss is far more serious than previously believed.

The intelligence seized by the militants:

- Virtually all intelligence reports filed by the defense attache's office in 1978 and '79.

- A computer printout listing the true identities of all Defense Intelligence Agency sources and agents in Iran.

- More than a month of intelligence reports from the US Pacific Command, detailing US knowledge of Soviet ship movements, and from the European Command, which monitors Warsaw Pact deployments - information that could help pinpoint US antisubmarine capabilities.

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