Poles occupying shipyards given ultimatum

Thousands of workers still occupying the Baltic shipyards of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Stettin have been given a chilling ultimatum by Polish leader, Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski.

Unless they leave the yards by today, Dec. 21, Jaruzelski has said he will evict them by force. All three shipyards have been ringed by tanks and heavily armed troops, and the military regime has told the workers that they have been fired.

News of Jaruzelski's threat came Dec. 20 via messages smuggled out of the three yards by Solidarity activists and given to Swedish radio reporter Tore Rundgren, who returned from Poland by ferry.

According to these reports, many of the workers occupying the yards are armed and are under orders from Solidarity leader Lech Walesa to hold out ''as long as possible.''

At the same time, other reports reaching here from Poland indicate that opposition to the military government has hardened across the country. Rolf Linden, a Swedish priest who spent a week in Poland distributing a truckload of food collected in his parish, says that Solidarity has managed to rebuild its communications network.

''Couriers and radio transmitters are being used,'' he says. ''Train drivers take messages from one city to another.'' He asserts that apathy has been replaced by an earnest desire to fight back: ''We saw many occupied factories and we saw troops massing.''

He says the Army has been smashing its way into factories with tanks, arresting workers en masse, and transporting them to a holding camp set up just outside Stettin, containing between 18,000 and 25,000 prisoners. He adds that two other holding camps were also filled with arrested workers, one in central Poland, the other in the south.

Meanwhile, a leading member of Solidarity's Warsaw headquarters, Stefan Trjsinski, who is coordinating support for the free trade union from Stockholm, contends that Soviet Gen. Viktor Kulikov, Warsaw Pact commander, is masterminding the bid to crush Solidarity from Warsaw. In this view, Jaruzelski is merely a front man being manipulated by his Soviet superior.

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