Pravda got it wrong

Lately Pravda has been accusing the United States of having plans to invade Cuba. Pravda has got it wrong again. It is Miami the US is planning to invade. This premature news leak indicates either a flaw in the Soviet spy system, or else it was just something President Reagan said on his way to the helicopter.

It is a well-known fact that Soviet journalists get bored, because no news is going on around their own borders in such places as Afghanistan, Poland, and Sweden. So they become fascinated with the boiling excitement in Washington where invasion plans are discussed on the White House lawn, in the State Department, and in congressional hearings. First it was the nuclear exchange limited to Europe and now the invasion of Cuba, which the Russians see as possible considering Washington's undercover alliance with El Salvador and Haiti , both of which evidently have an extraordinary strike force.

But according to high-placed sources (on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center in New York), there is no plan whatsoever to invade Cuba. The invasion plans of the US will follow traditional military lines, and the first objective presumably is to recapture Miami, which Castro took with an expeditionary force in April of 1980. Since the Hispanic population of Dade County is now close to 50 percent, it is doubtful whether the US will secretly enlist the aid of El Salvador and Haiti as the Russians suggest.

The response from businessmen in Miami is mixed and confused, although much may have been lost in translation from Spanish to English. ''It was economic aid we asked for from Washington,'' they stated.

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