Kremlin takes sharp jab at Poland

The Soviet Union has issued its sharpest media commentary on Poland since Wojciech Jaruzelski took over as Polish Communist Party chief in October, Monitor correspondent Ned Temko reports.

''Counterrevolution'' is now on the rampage in Poland, said the official Soviet news agency Tass in an article Dec. 10. It quoted Polish television as saying that local Solidarity Union officials have begun to set up ''commando units'' in some factories. ''Theft of weapons and explosives from state storehouses has been recorded,'' Tass reported.

The dispatch, read on Soviet TV news, also said some Polish clerics were increasingly delivering antigovernment sermons.

The Tass report, which sidestepped criticism of General Jaruzelski, said Polish authorities were taking precautionary measures against ''counterrevolution,'' including reinforcement of patrols around government and party offices.

Some diplomats expect a clearer idea of the latest Soviet thinking on Poland to emerge around the time of President Leonid Brezhnev's 75th birthday Dec. 19. It is assumed that fellow Warsaw Pact leaders will be in Moscow for the occasion and will caucus for talks on Poland and other issues.

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