Opinions on treatment of Sakharov ripple forth

World opinion started to stir over Soviet treatment of dissident leader Andrei Sakharov and his family. * The Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo accused the Kremlin Monday of violating human rights in the treatment of Mr. Sakharov and his family. Committee chairman John Sanness said Moscow was violating the rights both of Dr. Sakharov, now in a hospital after a two-week hunger strike, and of Liza Alexeyeva, Dr. Sakharov stepson's wife-by-proxy. Miss Alexeyeva has been refused an exit visa.

* In Brussels, the Belgian government criticized the treatment of Dr. Sakharov.

* In the Vatican, a spokesman said that Pope John Paul II was concerned about the health of Dr. Sakharov and his wife, Elena Bonner.

* In Bonn, government sources say West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt raised the matter in a private meeting with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev two weeks ago.

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