US blockade of Nicaragua might be aired -- Meese

An American naval blockade of Nicaragua might be a subject for future discussion at the highest levels of US government, top White House official Edwin Meese III said in a television interview.

White House counselor Meese reaffirmed President Reagan's recent statement that the United States has no "present plans" to use American troops anywhere in the world.

But Mr. Meese also repoeated administration concern over what he described as a Cuban-supported military buildup in Nicaragua. The buildup, he said, constitutes a threat to other countries. In answer to a question concerning the possibility of a naval blockade against Nicarague, Meese said, "That is something that could be a possible subject for discussion."

Secretary of State Alexander Haig flew to Mexico City Monday in an attempt to persuade Mexican leaders that a Communist military buildup in Nicaragua must be taken seriously.

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