Inside Report (4)

Sen. Edward Kennedy is ready to make his 1982 reelection bid a political test of the Moral Majority and the New Right. Kennedy told the AFL-CIO biennial -convention in New York Nov. 18 he will be the ''No. 1 target'' of the two conservative groups in 1982.

The Massachusetts senator can count on AFL-CIO support in that race. And with Lane Kirkland in the federation presidency, instead of more-conservative George Meany, his hopes for support for the '84 presidential nomination are much brighter.

Kennedy said he and Walter Mondale are frequently mentioned as front-runners for the Democratic presidential nomination, but added wryly: ''Neither Fritz nor I like to hear such talk . . . Certainly I don't like to hear it about Fritz, and I'm sure he doesn't like to hear it about me.''

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