Double roof prevents ice

To the real estate editor: All of 50 years ago around Hanover, N.H., we double-boarded the roofs of most houses to take care of ice at the eaves.

After a single layer of roofing was applied we placed 1x2 strapping over the rafters and laid another roof. Over this second layer went the shingles. An air space between the trim at the eaves and a raised cap at the ridge allowed the warm air to escape.

I would suggest that if Mr. Blackwall's roof (Ask a Builder column Sept. 25) is in need of shingling, he get in touch with a roofer and have him nail strapping over the old shingles approximately in line with the rafters; then board it up and shingle.

Come snow time he might like to take a trip to Hanover and notice which roofs are snow-covered and others with ice hanging 6 and 8 feet down the side walls. Roland R. Eldridge Sandwich, Mass.

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