And now 'Russians, go home'

Russians, go home. Washington has been so preoccupied with warning the West about Moscow that it hardly seemed to notice when Moscow brought out the demonstrators against itself last week.

It was the Soviet submarine in Swedish waters that did it - protest rallies that were not against the United States for a change, official boycotts of the annual parade in Moscow's Red Square. At last a handy target for people who really know in their bones that all superpowers are not alike. That the Soviet Union leaves far more to be desired than the United States. That when the bear talks of peace it is well to wonder why.

At any rate, just when it was beginning to seem that America was the demonstrators' whipping boy, along comes a more qualified candidate. All this doesn't mean the US can neglect matching its own peaceful words with actions on arms control and in diplomatic corridors. But it's nice to be reminded that a double standard can be singularly upset once in a while.

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