Katie and the Robot Costume

One day while I was reading my Crunchy Munchy bar comic strip, I came across an offer for a robot costume for Halloween. I thought it was a great idea and I ran to get 50 cents from my piggy bank.

A week later I got a box in the mail.

I opened it quickly and found the directions for making a Halloween robot outfit. I put it together right away, even before I praticed the violin, which upset my mother.

Soon it was finished, my robot costume!

I decided to keep it in the garage until Halloween night.

Halloween night, I couldn't believe it!

After gobbling down dinner, I ran for my Halloween robot outfit.

Just as my fingertips touched it, my robot came to life and started chasing me.

I couldn't stop wondering how this paper robot could possibly come to life!

Suddenly, the robot tripped on an oak root, fell, and started screaming for Mommy!

I ran back to help.

The robot's head fell off and revealed my sister's red, puffy, crying face.

''Marcy!'' I screamed. ''What are you doing here?''

''You always play tricks on me, I just wanted to get you back,'' she sobbed.

''Let's get some cocoa,'' I said and helped her back into the house.

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