L.A. winners: on the diamond. . .and in the classroom

The program will likely not earn the accolades that will now mark the championship Dodgers. But Los Angeles may have another winner on its hands in a little-known pilot school program.

The $77,000 project is called ''Hands Across the Campus'' and, as noted in a story in yesterday's Monitor, is designed to break down racial and cultural barriers in an ethnically diverse school district. ''What we're trying to do,'' says one school official, ''is give students the skills that will enable them to live and be productive in a multi-ethnic community without hostility.''

On Guard, an affiliate of the American Jewish Congress, deserves credit for sponsoring the project. Other school districts might well consider similar efforts. Says one young participant, who came to the US from Mexi-co: ''When we (students) get together for programs as different races, I'd rather know first what are our similarities, rather than what are our differences.'' Now, that's a winning attitude, by any scoreboard.

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