'Strange Behaviour'

Whatever else is true about ''Strange Behavior,'' it certainly has a point of view. The villains are all psychologists - and not just any old kind, but neo-behaviorists, who sneer when they speak of ''Freudians and humanists.'' In the old tradition of movies like this, they conduct ''wacko'' experiments at the local college, and weird murders begin piling up. The hero and his dad solve them.At least one reviewer liked ''Strange Behavior'' for recalling the fantastic films of the '50s. Trouble is, it recalls the bad ones. Anyway, the ' 50s were ''wacko'' themselves, with paranoia about science - the movies were full of radioactivity that shrank the hero or made giant ants, and mad professors lurked in every lab. Do we really need a reprise of all that? We surely don't need ''Strange Behavior,'' which has a few bright moments near the beginning, but soon sinks into the usual exploitation-movie mold. Tom Laughlin was the director.'

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