Curing the common cold

The utilization of God's law of harmony can cure the apparently ''incurable''-for example, the common cold. This may seem a radical statement, unrealistic. But this ever-present healing law is available to all and can be proved effective. It's the essence of the ''very good'' creation God has made and perpetually maintains.n1 Harmony is the normal state of man and of all God's creation.

n1 See Genesis 1:31.

Believing otherwise, we become victims of such evils as the so-called common cold-and witnesses to its supposed incurability. We unwittingly deny the infinite power and omnipresence of God's all-pervasive harmony and perfection. In effect, we deny God's capacity to uphold the well-being of His own ''very good'' creation, depriving ourselves of the blessing of divine law. Sickness would have us label it as law.But there is no such law. There's no law to sustain or perpetuate or implement either its suppositional incurability or mankind's victimization.

Despite what seems so convincing to the five senses, man cannot be a warm- or cold-blooded mortal, fluctuating between sickness and health, discord and harmony, suffering and well-being. Because his creator, God, is Spirit, man is actually spiritual, endowed with eternal well-being. He's superior to and untouched by the illusory symptoms of the common cold and of all sickness.

Mentally asserting the continuing immutability of man's harmony opens our thought to the Christ, the healing power of God. The Christ strengthens us and endows us with the power to abrogate the mesmeric suggestions of aching bodies, heavy heads, and all the paraphernalia that humanity ascribes to this common complaint. Because these are no part of God, they can be no part of His likeness, man. They can't, in reality, touch our being or disrupt our peace. Realizing this fact loosens their hold, and they fall away.

Neither the weather, nor the invasion of germs, microbes, or infection is an actual cause of the common cold. We become victims of this malady through conscious or unconscious consent to it. This consent is more fundamental to discomfort than the influx of germs.

For many years I unwittingly gave consent to suffer. At my birth my mother was told by the attending physician that I would always have respiratory troubles. Obediently, but ignorantly, I fulfilled the medical prediction. As the years went by, every winter I was battling to overcome, through medical means, the onset of this popular complaint.

Spending some years in the tropics, I enjoyed relief from it. Returning home , I fulfilled this observation made by Mary Baker Eddy:n2 ''Invalids flee to tropical climates in order to save their lives, but they come back no better than when they went away. Then is the time to cure them through Christian Science, and prove that they can be healthy in all climates, when their fear of climate is exterminated.''n3

n2 Mrs. Eddy is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science

n3 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 377.

I was soaked in a heavy downpour, and all the old symptoms were back in force. Knowing from past experience that material remedies would not heal me, I turned more fully to God and His healing law of harmony. Christ Jesus indicated this law and its application when he declared, ''Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.''n4

n4 John 8:32.

In spite of worsening symptoms, I tenaciously held to the truth that I was God's likeness, wholly spiritual and completely free. And free I was. I have enjoyed this freedom for many years. Christian Science has for me proved the ''incurable'' common cold to be quite curable.

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