Apartheid critic wins OK to leave S. Africa on visit

Desmond Tutu, the Anglican bishop and outspoken opponent of apartheid whose passport was confiscated in April, has been allowed to leave South Africa for Botswana.

A South African internal affairs official said Bishop Tutu was given special travel documents for a single specific trip - to attend his daughter's graduation in Botswana.

Bishop Tutu's passport was confiscated for the second time April 16, after his return from a visit to Europe and the United States, where he called for a halt to foreign investment in South Africa.

Israelis play Wagner - with extra stormTel Aviv

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra canceled a repeat performance of a work by Richard Wagner, the Nazis' favorite composer, over the weekend but said that it was out of respect for former Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, who died on Friday, and not because of Wagner's anti-Semitic record.

The orchestra took a controversial step Thursday, breaking a 33-year boycott of Wagner's music by playing, under conductor Zubin Mehta, selections from ''Tristan and Isolde'' despite catcalls and fistfights that broke out in the audience.

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