Western diplomats here say there is some doubt whether the Soviet Union, as Washington charged, violated the Helsinki accords in staging recent maneuvers near Poland.

The 1975 agreement provided for prior notification of exercises involving more than 25,000 men. The official Soviet news agency said some 100,000 men were involved in the recent war games.

But the Helsinki provision applies only to a 150-mile band of territory along the Soviet Union's western frontier, not to the entire European part of the country.

Senior diplomats here say it remains unclear whether more than 25,000 troops and other personnel exercised in the narrower area.

In a possible hint that a smaller number was involved, the Soviets countered US charges of a Helsinki violation with a press commentary stressing that the current follow-up conference on Helsinki was discussing the possible widening of so-called "confidence-building measures" to include the entire European USSR.

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