Poland: a party bid for unity

Social tensions have been intensifying recently like an avalanche. People, tired and confused, are asking ever more dramatic questions: How is all this going to end? Will there be a civil war in Poland?

We are a country of real socialism which exists concretely, ina definite place in Europe . . . Nothing is more important at present than the necessity to prevent anybody from pursuing adventurist activities in total disregard of these facts. He who wants to tear Poland from the socialist system must remember that he is thus pushing the nation into an abyss of confusion whose ultimate consequences he does not and cannot know.

It is high time to end the cold war against the authorities and for power. What is needed most is above all the unity of working people -- party and nonparty patriots alike.

It is necessary to undertake actions which will no deepen but diminish the conflicts dividing the nation at present.

The party leadership reaffirms its readiness and the necessity for building an alliance of all and everybody who is not against socialism and to whom the cause of the fatherland and its salvation is a dear one.

[But] it has to be clearly said that today more than ever in the past we must reach agreement and reject the extremes. We must accept the fact that everything depends on our work and that, at every post, we must produce more and waste less, in order to share more.

We must resolutely [accept] . . . that it is on [the Soviet-Polish] alliance and cooperation that our independent existence within secure borders depends, our economic existence also.

There is a force in our nation which has always allowed us to survive through the worst -- it is our nation's wisdom, patriotism and realism. Therefore, and I deeply believe this, it is also possible today that the genuine national interests of the Polish socialist society be accepted by the overwhelming majority of our countrymen and lead to the calming down of emotions.

It is not the struggle for power by small groups . . . but the cooperation of society, of all trade union and political forces . . . that must become the lasting principle in Poland's political life.

We propose that all patriotic forces participate in the National Unity Front, a front of agreement and cooperation, creating together its new image and building a platform of genuine national collaboration.

A genuine agreement in spite of and above all different views and moral and ideological motivations can create completely new prospects for the solution of these events that have a decisive impact on the country's future and its progress. It is indispensable to rebuild such a platform of agreement among Poles.

Let us think about it, let us consider it seriously. For this is our great hope and our great chance.

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