Solar: occupant's view

To the real estate editor: In your Aug. 31 issue there was a letter from Brenda Krachenberg concerning passive solar homes.

Mrs. Eysmans and I built a passive solar-envelope home, super-insulated with double walls not only on the north side, but also on the east and west sides. Our builder broke ground in October 1980, and we moved in last January. We installed electric baseboard heat in every room with separate controls. The only time we used any electric heat was in the bathrooms in the morning for, perhaps, 45 minutes.

Our point is that we would be glad to help out your readers. Julien L. Eysmans III Moorestown, N.J.

[If any reader wants to write to Mr. Eysmans, send the letter to the Real Estate Editor, The Christian Science Monitor, One Norway Street, Boston, Mass. 02115, and it will be forwarded to him.]

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