Pro-environmental mutual funds

I am interested in investing my money in mutual funds that not only give me a good return but that invest in businesses that do not harm the environment. How can I learn which mutual funds do not, by policy, invest in nuclear power or military industries? H. R.

An examination of no-load mutual funds turned up only one, Pax World Fund, that does not invest in military-related industries. You could request a prospectus by writing to them at 224 State Street, Portsmouth, N.H. 03801. Another no-load fund, Foursquare, does not invest in drug, liquor, or tobacco stocks. Its address is 24 Federal Street, Boston, Mass. 02110. Since I have not examined the prospectus for either of these funds. I cannot comment on their return. You should request a prospectus and evaluate its portfolio and its track record to date. Also, there may be other load funds dedicated to investments favorable to the environment, but I am not aware of them.

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