Dr. Don Carlos Peete retired in 1976 after spending 51 years in cardiology, also teaching at the University of Kansas Medical School. He and his wife Alice divide their time between Overland Park, Kansas and Madeira Beach, Fla. Dr. Peete:

"There is no preparation for retirement in America. We spend almost a third of our lives preparing for a career. We spend almost no time preparing for what comes after."

"You must be interested in life. You just can't sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by."

"I play golf with some people. They never see a tree. They never hear a bird sing. So many people don't see what they're looking at. They miss the whole thing."

"The habits we build up in preparation for a career are often the wrong habits for retirement. It's important to establish the habit of reading."

"I advise people to have a prayer in the morning to handle situations that come up during the day, and to be patient about it. But they have to do that in the morning. They can't wait until the situation presents itself."

"Prayer keeps our thought on the right path. It keeps us from thinking we're the Almighty." Alice Peete:

"I think many men are more willing to retire than their wives are to have them retire."

"Retirement? It's a demoter."

"I read a lot -- often far into the night. I also correspond with our children, grandchildren, and friends."

"Women in Florida often miss their families. They've been more involved with children and grandchildren."

"Sun City -- it's wonderful for people who need to be led. Some people have to have everything planned for them. I've never had any trouble deciding how to use my time."

"Are Americans afraid of free time? They're certainly afraid of not having a good time. They think they have to whoop it up."

"There's some work I'd rather not do. But I can still climb mountains in my minds as I do it."

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