No. 2 role for Communist Poles?

An official of Poland's Communist Party said the party should prepare to relinquish power and enter as the opposition under a restructured political system that assigns a clear role to the independent labor union Solidarity.

"An answer is needed to the question: Who, and in what dimension, governs?" a Central Committee member, Walerian Solinski, told the weekend edition of the Sztandar Mlodych newspaper.

Mr. Solinski called for urgent negotiations among Solidarity, the government, and the party to decide on a new political structure in which the role of each of the nation's major institution's, including Solidarity, is clearly defined.

"The party should, in a planned way, prepare itself to give up political power for some time and to become an opposition," he said.

Meanwhile, Solidarity branches issued resolutions branding a warning letter from the Kremlin as interference in Polish affairs, and the union's leadership served notice it would not be intimidated by Moscow.

Solidarity spokesman Janusz Onyszkiewicz said that last week's Kremlin demand for a crackdown had raised the level of anger before Saturday's scheduled resumption of the union's national congress.

"There's enough fuel now to start up everybody," he said when asked if the Kremlin letter would dampen the spirit of the meeting.

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