Use a special finish to equalize staining

Q. Our home has cedar sliding with mahogany window frames. Two summers ago we stained this newly built home with a semitransparent oil-based stain. Now the cedar still seems new but the frames have a bleached and dried-out appearance. Since mahogany is a hard wood, shouldn't it have held the stain better? Sara Allen Basking Ridge, N.J.

A. Since the mahogany used on the windows is much harder than the surrounding cedar, it very likely did not absordb as much of the soil stain as the softer cedar. Its bleached appearance is the result.

Using a finish such as CWF (clear wood finish) or Aquatrol (the more modern finish), or their equal, experiment in an isolated mahogany area and see what happens.Both finishes are made by the Flood Company, Hudson, Ohio 44236. The phone number is (800) 321-3444.

Follow the laber instructions, especially as to the preparation of the substrate, before applying the new finish.

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