'Ban' of S. African leader hinted

The South African government may be laying the groundwork to "ban" a prominent black leader, Bishop Desmond Tutu, knowledgeable observers here say. Monitor correspondent Paul Van Slambrouck reports official criticism of Bishop Tutu, general secretary of the South African Council of Churches, has been mounting. South African Minister of Police Louis Le Grange charged Sept. 11 that the SACC supports "subversive elements" and scolded Bishop Tutu for encouraging foreign companies to withdraw investments in South Africa.

An expert on bannings at the South African Institute of Race Relations said it appears the government is gearing up for the possibility of banning Mr. Tutu. Banning restricts a person's movement, requires regular reporting to police, prohibits being quoted in the South African press, and allows meeting with only one other person at a time. Mr. Tutu said after the attack by the police official that he would not obey a banning order.

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