Batters beware; Ron Guidry isn't what's wrong with the Yankees

There may be something wrong with the New York Yankees, including Manager Gene Michael who has not gotten any votes of confidence lately from owner George Steinbrenner, but there's nothing wrong with pitcher Ron Guidry.

Guidry, who was the American League's Cy Young Award winner back in 1978 with a 25-3 record and a 1.74 earned run average, ran his streak of scoreless innings to 23 recently before the Chicago White Sox finally got a run against him. Since the strike, Ron has won four straight, had pinpoint control, and thrown a fastball that breaks every which way.

Until he releases the ball, Guidry is not impressive. At 5 ft. 11 in. and only 160 pounds, he could shower in a rifle barrel. But the way Ron drives off is left leg and keeps the ball down often disrupts the timing of opposing hitters to the point where they eithr swing too early or too late.

Steinbrenner made more news by insisting that his slumping slugger, out-fielder Reggie Jackson, take a series of medical tests. George and Reggie are also at oidds ovr the proposed terms of Jackson's new contract -- that is, if Reggie doesn't decide to try to open markeT.

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