Women as communicators

From an award-winning paper by an international vice-president of AMMPE (World Association of Women Journalists and Writers) at the group's recent sixth world congress.m

Our world is beset with misleading statements, half truths, and even intentional misdirection of facts. Honesty, decency, and morality should be uppermost in our criteria of good reporting and proper journalism.

We are members of a world about which we write. We must strive to become productive contributors whose writings will bring to others truths which will create a better understanding among peoples. We have the opportunity to assist our world to the paths of peace, if we decide to try.

Each new decade closes the chapter of the old. New thoughts and new motivations appear as the new chapter opens. Yet in spite of all the new and complex technologies, we must return to the basics. The basics that make our world a better place in which to live. We have so much to learn from each other , about each other. Be it what we eat or how we dress; be it economic or social problems, be it motivation or desperation. Unless we quietly return to the basic needs of people the social and moral fabric of society will be shattered and no one will be any better off.

As we broadcast or as we write if we basically will ask ourselves, "Have I reported the facts as truthfully as possible?", perhaps we will move forward to the needs of society to know the truth of a situation.

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