OAU leader seeks Namibia peace

Spurred on by the recent South African military raid on Angola, Kenya's President Daniel arap Moi is working hard to bring about a settlement in Namibia.

Monitor contributor John Worrall reports the Kenya President scored something of a political coup as the Organization of African Unity chairman last week when he succeeded in getting Morocco's King, Hassan II, to meet with Polisario leaders to discuss a West Sahara cease-fire and referendum.

But Namibia poses a more formidable challenge. Mr. Moi has already sent his foreign minister, Dr. Robert Ouko, at the head of an OAU delegation, to talk to the five-nation "contact group" in Europe. France, Britain, and West Germany are the European members of the group.

Moi himself is scheduled to be in Paris this week for a UN conference, but plans to have bilateral talks, probably with President Mitterand, on Namibia.

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