Cutting red tape -- and home costs

From dire necessity to cut construction costs on home building, new ideas are springing up everywhere. The newest comes from the Lost Angeles County government in the form of a home builders' coordinating center.

Encouraged by L.A. County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, A County Land Development Center has been opened in Los Angeles to centralize in one place representatives of county departments overseeing home construction.

"Up to now," a county official said, "builders needing permit, zoning, and other types of information have had to experience long delays in contacting each agency separately. Much of that kind of delay, we now believe, can be eliminated by this new setup."

Former delays, it was pointed out, cost builders unnecessary expense for longer interest payments, additional payroll, and storage on idle inventories. Center officials feel that now those delays can be reduced by as much as from three to eight months.

On a home that could sell for $100,000, this saving could reach $16,000. Savings made by improvemtns in center procedures will serve to reduce home builders' costs, and home buyers can benefit from lower prices.

Hot lines are also set up for immediate contact with other county departments concerned in giving assistance.

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