Computerized reconstruction of an unstructured robot; "You see, there is a dream, dreaming us"; (African Bushman to Laurens van der Post in Mauntis Carol)

I have patched my cracked plaster and pasted gold stars on my sagging ceiling. I butter my bread on both sides and my dog (if I had one) would sing Tchaikovsky's Third Symphony, and Hymn of Joy from Beethoven's Ninth. When I try to count the glories of the night, when I watch the galaxies that sweep across the heavens, those lighted windows of a billion wild imaginings, my adding machine breaks into loud cheers, and when I key-punch the delights of day, my computer dissolves in a quiver of quicksilver, filled with laughter. Surely, this robot has been given a human heart; this straw-man dreams of spring.

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