No teachers' room is complete without a computer terminal!

Does your teachers' room have a computer terminal? You need one, maybe several, badly. And you need to subscribe to a service which will provide on the display screen current daily news bulletins.

Also, you need to be sure that all school notices are available; that teachers may have access to school district happenings, community events, as well as cultural notices of special interest to academicians.

Someone should be culling the professional journals and providing abstracts for busy teachers so they can, only if they wish and need to, ask for a printout of a complete article.

I suppose it won't be long before every classroom has a computer terminal, but short of that, at least each teachers room should have a display terminal.

And what better place to both store and retrieve schoolwide as well as district-wide information.

The school calendar should be available as well as information about all school cultural and athletic events.

And there is probably good reason to keep summary information about test results available to all teachers, permitting them to gauge their own pupils' progress against individual school as well as school district results.

And certainly, no reason for that computer not to contain a few games. Also there are some interesting and challenging word games to stimulate teachers. Then, too, teachers might want to try their own hands at designing computer games.

Next week: Diagnostic testing

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